Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Up a Lazy Creek

One of the coolest wineries we saw on our trip to Mendocino was the Lazy Creek Winery in the Anderson Valley. It's a small family owned operation with some fantastic wines including a great Gew├╝rztraminer and a Riesling. This winery is off the path a bit, but well worth a visit. You should call ahead first to make sure they are open for tastings.

I enjoyed wandering around the property and I saw some turtles in the big pond out back. This picture is of the old rusty truck that greets you when you park outside the tasting area.

Autumn Cab

Some lovely grape clusters growing in the Alexander Valley near Cloverdale, California. These grapes will be used to make excellent Recerve Cabernet Savignon by the Clos Du Bois winery.

I actually picked a few small grapes from the vine and they were very tasty.

Russian River Wine

Here's a shot of me sipping the great wines of the Lynmar Winery in the Russian River Valley. They had some excellent Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs.

Jonied this wine club and looking forward to my first shipment.

Bodega Bay Sand Castle

Here's a close-up of a great sand castle that was built on the beach in Bodega Bay, California. It was very detailed and had stairs and many little portals. Each of the four sides was a different design and the architecture was amazing. There were no other castles on the beach, so it wasn't part of a contest. Just some sand craftsman plying his trade in the early morning hours.

We found out the next day that 4 people were swept out to sea and 3 drown on a beach just 6 miles north of here the same day this photo was taken. Really wierd. They say it was a "Sleeper Wave" that got them. Never turn your back on the ocean.