Sunday, January 09, 2005

Borrego Springs Rainbow

Took this photo of a rainbow in the early morning after a thunderstorm. We were staying at the La Casa del Zoro in Borrego Springs and took a short hike through this open area across the street from our room. You could actually see the other side of the arc farther to the southeast. Tried to find the pot of gold... but the rainbow disappeared on the approach.


Blogger michael said...

This is a beautiful shot with the part rainbow. the best rainbow i ever saw was in Ireland in the 60's when on a horse drawn caravan holiday with some chums. near killarney we camped by a small lake and after a storm ( Ireland is very wet!) we emerged to see a complete rainbow over the lake and it was luminous against a black cloud! Most astonishing and wonderful to behold and i didnt have a colour film in my camera! Doh!

4:09 AM

Blogger kiyotei said...

That sounds like a great place to camp.
I've never had a camera in hand at the right time to catch a rainbow (and who expects on in the desert?) so this was a thrilling capture for me.

8:53 AM


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